As the warm weather arrives, people are spending more time in the sun. This means it’s time to update your glasses for UV light protection! However, moving from indoors to bright conditions outdoors frequently during the day can mean constantly swapping your glasses for sunglasses. This can be a real inconvenience, especially on those days when you might forget your shades at home! So, what’s the solution? Is there one pair of glasses that can do it all?…

Here at our St Louis eye clinic, we can help you find the right Transitions lenses to suit your individual vision needs.

What Are Transitions Lenses?

Transitions lenses are one of the world’s leading brands of photochromic lenses that adapt to changing light conditions. Designed with the latest light intelligent technology, these lenses work by changing from clear to dark within seconds when moving from indoors to outdoors, providing you with optimum protection from the sun.

Transitions lenses block 100% of UV rays and provide exceptional protection against blue light emitted from digital devices such as phones and computers.

Are Transitions Lenses Worth It?

Transition lenses offer the wearer a hassle-free experience, with just one pair of glasses to do all the hard work for them, making them a smart choice for your prescription eyewear needs. They also offer non-prescription protection that is unmatched by any other lens technology.

Here are two of the most popular Transitions lenses that we often recommend to our patients:

Transitions Signature GEN 8 Lenses

Designed to provide optimum light protection, Transitions Signature GEN 8 lens technology goes darker than ever before when you move outdoors, for an even more comfortable experience. They also fade back to clear faster than all previous Transitions lenses, so your lenses adapt to new light conditions in a matter of seconds. Advanced glare reduction technology also means you experience less discomfort in bright light and are always 100% protected against UV and blue light. What’s more is that they’re suitable for adults and kids!

Transitions Xtractive

Offering the darkest lenses in the hottest temperatures and brightest conditions, Transitions Xtractive gives you maximum protection from the sun, but do these Transitions lenses work in the car too? The answer is yes! Activating behind your windshield while you’re driving – something which previous photochromic lenses have not been successful in achieving – these lenses offer a glare free experience behind the wheel to protect both you and your passengers, as well as minimizing eye fatigue from bright glare for added comfort.

By choosing Transitions lenses, you get to benefit from multiple lens technologies in one, making them a great investment for your vision and eye health.

Customized Vision

Transitions lenses come in a variety of styles and colors to maximize your protection level and let your personality shine through.

Choose from grey, brown, graphite green, amethyst, sapphire, and amber for exceptional glare reduction and eye protection, and for an even more fashion-forward look, try a Transitions Mirrors – available in fun and stylish colors that make a statement.

Contact us at our St Louis eye clinic to learn more about how Transitions lenses can improve your visual experience all year round and feel free to visit us in store to browse our large selection of frames that can easily be paired with Transitions lenses. Don’t forget that eye exams are FREE until the end of June too, making it even easier to add up to date prescription Transitions lenses to your frames!