If you’re looking for high-quality eyecare in Brentwood, you’ve come to the right place! At STL Eco Eyecare, we’re committed to keeping you and your family’s eyes healthy and your vision sharp. From eye exams and glasses, to children’s eyecare and retinal imaging, we’re thrilled to be able to offer you a wide range of services right here at our St Louis eye clinic.

About Us

We opened our doors in November 2020 and our website launched a month later, so we now have everything you need to take care of your eyes both online and in-store!

Sustainability and providing great eyecare are the driving forces behind everything we do, and we’re proud to be one of the only eco-friendly businesses in the local community. Not only have we built our clinic from the ground up out of sustainable materials, but we’ve also taken sustainability one step further by developing our very own brand of biodegradable glasses frames.

Our eyecare clinic is kitted out with the latest technology to perform comprehensive eye exams in Brentwood for adults and children, and where possible, our services are completely personalized to meet your individual needs. We know budgeting for healthcare can be hard, which is why we’ve gone to

great lengths to ensure that we’ve made the best quality eyecare accessible to people from all walks of life.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Ashley Marvin

St. Louis native, Dr. Ashley Marvin, received her doctorate in Optometry right here from the University of Missouri-St Louis! She is now an NBEO-certified optometrist with a passion for giving back to the community, providing the world class eyecare, and the right prescription to see the world much clearer! Dr Marvin specializes in primary care and contact lens fittings but also has much experience in various other areas of the optical field.


Our second St. Louis native, Ann Gifford, loves all things optical, caring for the environment, and running around after her 5 children and 6 grandchildren! She brings more than 17 years’ experience in the eyecare industry to the table, having been the former Vice President of EyeCare Partners LLC. This wealth of knowledge, passion for environmental safety, together with Dr Marvin’s clinical expertise has provided the inspiration for them to develop this eco-friendly business for the St Louis community.

Indira Sabic

Indira Sabic completes our team of talented professionals. With over 9 years of optical experience, she is dedicated to helping her community, whether it’s through providing eyecare or charity. Indira is part of 2 non-profit organizations, and aside from all of these fantastic endeavors, she enjoys relaxing at home with her husband, daughter, and pet dog, Sammy!

Our Clinical Services

We offer a range of eyecare services to help keep your vision clear and your eyes healthy, including:

Eye Exams

Our comprehensive eye examination takes 45-90 minutes, during which we’ll discuss your full eye health history, check your vision, and perform an eye health check. This is completely tailored to your individual needs, meaning we will carry out any extra tests if deemed necessary for your peace of mind.

Retinal Imaging

During your eye examination, we use non-invasive retinal imaging to check the health of the back of your eye, giving us the best chance of catching any early signs of eye disease, including age-related macular degeneration (AMD), glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy. Our Optos Daytona Optomap scan can show a 200° view of your retina in a matter of seconds, while our Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) scan can capture all the layers of your retina to create a 3D picture of the back of your eye.

Children’s Eyecare

Kids Eyewear

80% of what children learn is through their vision. Our children’s eye examinations are much more comprehensive than the vision screening they may have with a pediatrician, and our experienced optometrist will make sure they feel comfortable and at ease. Our children’s eye exams can also be adapted to make them easier for kids to understand.

Contact Lenses

If you’re not sure which contact lenses are best for you, or if you haven’t had success with them in the past, Dr. Marvin can help! With years of experience in carrying out successful contact lens fittings, she’ll be able to talk you through your options and help you find the best lenses for you based on your lifestyle and visual needs. For those of you who already wear lenses, we also have a wide range available to order directly from our online store.



As well as our own biodegradable frames, we stock eyewear from designer brands like Kate Spade, David Beckham, along with the eco-friendly Dragon. We are also the first providers in the Midwest to stock the sustainable eyewear line from Levi’s! Feel free to drop by the clinic and browse all of our collections, or if you’d prefer to shop from the comfort and safety of your own home, we’ve made a selection of our in-store collections available to view and purchase here.

A great pair of frames wouldn’t be complete without the perfect lenses, which is why we work with you to find the best option to suit your lifestyle! Whether you spend a lot of time on the computer, or love being outdoors in the sun, we’ve got a varied range of options, from blue blockers to polarized lenses so you can really make the most out of your vision!

Our Commitment To Sustainability

We are here to positively impact the environment and our local community, which means we also choose to donate profits from every single one of our non-sustainable purchases to our four chosen charities, including, St. Louis Society for the Blind, and St. Louis Earth Day Foundation. Check out Dr Marvin talking about our eyecare practice and what sustainability means to us in her TV interview with here:

Get In Touch

Now you’ve got to know a little bit about us, why not get in touch so we can get to know you and your eyecare needs? Book an appointment or contact us by phone or email. We can’t wait to welcome you to our clinic and share our passion for sustainable eyecare and eco-friendly glasses!