UV light protection is important all year round, not just in the summer, but how do you know what kind of UV protection is right for you? Let’s break down what UV rays are first!

What Are UVA And UVB Rays?

We have all heard about UV light, but how dangerous can it be for our eyes? Prolonged exposure to UV light can cause significant and irreversible damage to the eyes, leading to poor vision, blindness, and an increased risk for cancer. But what causes the damage to our eyes?

What Are UVA And UVB Rays?

UV light is made up of three types of rays, including UVA and UVB. UVA rays cause longer-term damage due to their ability to pass through the cornea to the back of the eye, including:

  • Cataracts — the clouding of the natural lens in the eye. UV exposure can increase the risk of developing cataracts in later years by 20%.
  • Macular degeneration — a rapid deterioration of the macula causing central vision loss.
  • Surfer’s eye, or pterygium – which grows on the surface of the eye and may require surgery to remove it.

UVB rays are the leading cause of sun damage to the surface of your eye and skin, including the eyelids. That’s right, your eyelids can be damaged by the sun’s harmful UVB rays, leading to eyelid cancer and photokeratitis, aka sunburnt eyes.

Children’s Sunglasses

Children tend to spend more time outdoors than adults and their eyes absorb 70% more UV light than adults, as a result of having larger pupils and clearer natural lenses. This makes them more susceptible to UV damage, which is why it’s equally as important to ensure their eyes are always protected from UV light.

Children’s Sunglasses

Our team of specialists can help you find the right pair of sunglasses for your children that they’ll love to wear and will protect their sensitive eyes.

No matter how your eyes are exposed to UV light, it is important to take the necessary steps to protect your eye health.

  • Take breaks from being out in the sun.
  • Try to choose sunglasses that cover the majority of your eyes – a wraparound style is best for this.

What Are The Best Options To Protect My Eyes From UV Light?

Here at STL Eco Eyecare we believe in providing our patients with the highest level of care and the best options in UV protection.

Protect Eyes From UV Light

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What Are The Best Sunglasses For UV Protection?

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